Harold Murphy has Traveled More Than 4,000 Miles of North American Rivers in his Innova Safari Inflatable Kayak

From Harold Murphy on June 18, 2010 (more to come once his photos are scanned):

I "completed" my Pennsylvania-New York-New Jersey trip today. It did not turn out as I had planned. The Upper Delaware River was great, and fairly "easy" with mainly class I rapids. But, as I got to Skinner's Falls, the river turned more difficult, and Dangerous for me.

My Innova Safari inflatable kayak is a Super boat, with about 4,000 river miles to date, But, with my body weight of 170 pounds, and 60-70 pounds of food for 10 days, tent, sleeping bag, clothes, water, etc., a Class I+ becomes too dangerous while I am alone.

According to my mental records, I went through about 40+ rapids in 40+ miles, with some serious rapids below Narrowsburg, New York. I completed my Susquehanna River from Harrisburg to Chesapeake Bay, with very little danger; the biggest danger was under a railroad bridge with serious rapids across the entire river.

I decided to cancel the Potomac River until I can study it in more detail. It can wait until next year, and I can tie the Allegeny River in with the Potomac River, with a few days at the end of the trip at Niagra Falls.

My next Safari trip will be July 22 on either the Illinois River to St. Louis, or a northern Illinopis River to the Mississippi.

I sure do meet a lot of people who might think I am a little "crazy" an a lot of people who "dream" of doing what I am doing, but probably never will.

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