Harold Murphy Canoeing the Colorado River below Hoover Dam in his Innova Safari Inflatatable Kayak

Harold Murphy has paddled his Innova Safari inflatable kayak 4,000+ miles on North American Rivers.

Colorado River, rest stop at Boy Scout Canyon below Hoover Dam with hot springs, and VERY difficult to reach by foot.

Colorado River, Black Canyon of the Colorado below Arizona Hot Springs.

Colorado River, Black Canyon of the Colorado below Willow Beach (the normal end for most canoers).

Colorado River near Needles, California; a SUPER float with river current of 3-5 mph, no rapids, and complete solitude on the river.

Entering Topock Canyon, a protected area. Prior to entering Topock Canyon, there is a small marina, left side with supplies, ice cream, cold beer, and GREAT cheeseburgers (say hello to Tara, a super waitress). Back to Topock Gorge, it is about 15 miles through with river current of 2-3 mph, BUT camping is not allowed. In an emergency, there are beaches in Topock Gorge. Immediately upon leaving Topock Gorge, the river enters Lake Havasu; all paddling. Also immediately upon leaving Topock Gorge, on the right side are several adequate campsites, not beautiful, but O.K. for a night. And, then Havasu City, well worth a visit by canoe with everything river canoer could want, like ice cream, human food, cold beer, and Speed Boaters having a great time.

In his own words:

Maybe more people will canoe the Colorado River. Actually, it is a SUPER float from Hoover Dam to Havasu City, and beyond. Between Havasu City & Parker Dam (I believe that is the correct name) there are numerous BLM Campsites on the Arizona side, all with tables & outhouses; cost $10.00 day use, or $10.00 each night. At the marina near the Parker Dam, Arizona side, one can arrange for transportation back to Havasu City, etc. At the marina, I met a Native American who gave me a portage around the dam for $20.00, very reasonable. And, the float below Parker Dam is all river, with river speed of 2-3 mph. Camping is a little more difficult, and most of my campsites were "acceptable" but not excellent. The entire Colorado River from Hoover Dam to Blythe has very little canoe traffic, with the exception of the Dark Canyon. The rest, complete solitude, and camping in Lake Mohave actually is quite beautiful; complete desert & silence at night.

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