Innova Kayak - Splash of a Sale!

Help Spread The Word - About Our Sale - and Win!

Ready for that new Paddle or Electric Pump? Help spread the word about our sale and we'll enter you into a contest to win either the Fiberglass Shaft 4-Part Paddle or the Scoprega Bravo Super Turbo Electric Pump -- your choice!

To Enter the Contest:

Post a combination of Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media entries (your choice)

  1. Email us the list of links to your entries (ReTweets also count!)
  2. We'll select a winner based on quantity, quality and locations of posts...we invite you to be creative and prolific!
  3. Sign up for our email list (if you're not already a subscriber)

Here's the type of entries we'd like to see (but don't stop here -- be creative) (click here to view samples):

Solar - $599 (you save $150)
Solar "Ready, Set, Paddle" Kit - $788 (you save $150)
K1 - $799 (you save $800)
K2 - $899 (you save $1,000
Traveller - $699 (you save $500)
Seaker I - $1,499 (you save $1,400)