North American River Journeys - Rock River

From Harold Murphy:

I started on the Rock River in the end of July 2010.  The start was delayed by a few days due to heavy rain in Chicago, about 10 inches in a few days.  So, the river was high.  In fact, in flood conditions.  I was on the river alone.

Being in flood conditions, the river was running fast (but not dangerously fast) at 2-4 mph, and at times, perhaps 5 mph.  I was alone on the river; I didn't see another boater in 5 days.

I started below the Beloit Dam, and had 8 more dams after that.  The dams at Rockton, Oregon, and Dixon were very dangerous.  Water was flowing over the tops of all, and very fast. In normal conditions I would still consider these dams too dangerous to get close to.

For safe portage around the Rockford dam I called Action Taxi.  They picked me up with my gear and my inflatable Innova Safari.  For a night or two in Beloit, I would highly recommend the Roadway Inn and the Road Dawg Restaurant (and bar).

Thanks Harold!  We'll post a chronological photo-essay of his journey when Harold returns from Turkey to confirm that I've got the photos in the correct order.  In the meantime, here are a few photos.