October Kayaking in British Columbia

Larry James took his Innova Sunny inflatable kayak out in October in BC, when he was often the only one on the lake!

In his own words: From Clearwater B.C. on Kalamalka Lake I took my GPS with me and recorded the stats: In 5 hours and 25 minutes, only stopping a few times, but never getting out of the kayak I paddled 24 kilometres averaging 5 kilometres per hour with a top speed of 8.5 kilometers per hour, all on calm water. Now that was a workout, but big FUN!!! Two days later I managed to squeeze 8.9 kilometres per hour out of that Sunny, (in a short burst of speed). I've learned all of the proper gear to take with me now for all types of weather and am enjoying the heck out of my Sunny!!! Unfortunately, time to put it away until next year.

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