Harold Murphy's Safari Trips

From Harold Murphy

I will try to explain my Safari trips in a few words. This one picture explains it well. Here I have my Safari loaded with 10 days of food and a few days of water. The scenery is blue and green, the wind is at my back, the river current is 1-2 mph. Camping is no problem.

I do not have a worry in my mind. All I need to understand is which way the river flows, and follow it around the next bend, then the next bend, and then the next bend. Need I say more? Life is simple and perfect here.

And for 2011?

I just booked my flight to Indianapolis, Indiana (early June) to  travel the White River, south-west to the Wabash River south, to the Ohio River west, to the Mississippi River south as far south as New Madrid, Missouri. Should be 400+ miles. Should be another "adventure" with my Safari & camera. P.S. New Madrid, Missouri lies exactly on top of a major earth-quake fault that has been "sleeping" for a couple hundred years. Hope it continues to "sleep" through June, 2011

Harold Murphy on the Mississippi Summer 2010